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The Setting of a Story


The setting of a story answers the questions of where and when the story takes place. These worksheets will help understand the concept of 'setting' as a part of a story or book.

Setting Introduction:

This worksheets introduces the concept of setting. Students then have to think of stories that have a particular setting.

Setting Introduction

Setting the Mood:

The choice of a good setting can help 'set the mood' of a story. Students have to choose a setting for particular genres of stories.


Choosing a Setting

Setting Cloze Activity:

This cloze activity looks at the importance of setting for a story.


Setting Cloze

Setting and Character:

Students identify a variety of settings from pictures and decide what kind of characters they might find in those settings.


Setting and Character

Setting of a Story for Young Learners:

A collection of worksheets aimed at teaching the setting of a story to younger learners.


Young Learners Collection




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