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Simile Worksheets


These worksheets are to help students understand similes and practise using them.

Simile Worksheet

This collection of worksheets explores similes using 'like' or 'as'.

Simile Worksheet

Simile With 'As' Worksheets

Three versions of a worksheet in which students write similes using 'as' and adjectives. The different versions contain varying amounts of space for writing similes.

Similes with As (Version 1)   Similes with As (Version 2)  Similes with As (Version 3)

Simile With 'As' Cloze

Cloze activity using adjective similes and 'as.'

Similes with As Cloze

Improving Similes

A great worksheet that examines how students can make their similes even more expressive by adding to them.

Improving Similes Worksheet

Creative Similes

Another great worksheet that examines how students can use words with multiple meanings to create interesting simile where one meaning is used to make a simile for the other meaning: He's as sharp as a razor. (Sharp/pointy is being used as a simile for sharp/smart). Some of the best and most expressive similes follow this pattern.

Creative Similes Worksheet

Ironic Similes

Yet another great worksheet that examines how students can create humorous similes to mean the opposite of what they say by using contrast as in the following: It's as clear as mud.

Ironic Similes Worksheet

Animal Similes

Students fill in the blanks with animals that are commonly used in similes such as bee, bat, mouse as in 'busy as a bee', 'blind as a bat', or 'quiet as a mouse'.

Animal Similes

 A Simile Crossword

A crossword with a lot of the very common similes in English.

Similes Crossword

 Simile Conversation

This three-liner comes from the basic conversations section. Students memorize the conversation and then use the patterns to describe some aliens.

Simile Conversation

Simile Flashcards

Students describe animals and objects on an alien world using 'like' constructions.

Simile Cards


 Simile Whispers: Describing an Alien

Students play the game 'Chinese whispers' to see which team can relay a description of an alien back to the teacher first. There are four aliens to be described by four teams. Teachers should post one or two copies at the front of the class and then stand at the back of the class with another copy to keep track of students' progress.


Simile Whispers


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