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Alien Worlds Simile Flashcards



These card can be used to practice simile constructions with 'like'. The theme is describing animals and objects from an alien.


Some terms covered are:

          An alien that looks like an octopus.

          An alien that talks like a duck.

          A creature that swims like a fish.

          A planet that has rings like Saturn.

          A vehicle that drives like a car.

          A creature that flies like a butterfly.

          A spaceship that looks like a shark.


You can use the game Fish or memory to practice this game. Fish goes likes this:



A: Do you have an alien?

B: Yes, I do.

     (Or No, I don't. Go fish. A takes a card from the deck)

A: Does it look like an Octopus?

B: Yes, it does.

     (Or No, it doesn't. Go fish. A takes a card from the deck)


If the answer was yes, B gives the card to A and A gets a point.




A sample simile card.

     Simile Cards: Aliens

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     Simile Cards: Planets

     Simile Cards: Plants

     Simile Cards: Robots

     Simile Cards: Sea Creatures

     Simile Cards: Spaceships

     Simile Cards: Vehicles


As well the collection of similes worksheets covers similes using both 'like' and 'as'.


Here is a similes language supplement to be used with the cards.










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