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Skeletal System Worksheets


In this section we have two versions of most worksheets so teachers can decide if they want to focus more on common names such as shoulder blade and collarbone or scientific names such as scapula and clavicle. There are some scientific names in all of the worksheets (tibia, fibula, radius, ulna, and femur).

Skeletal System Crosswords:

Two crosswords that cover the basic parts of the skeletal system. The first uses scientific names and the second uses more common names with some scientifics names thrown in. .


Skeletal System Crossword (Scientifc Names) Skeletal System Crossword (Common Names)

Skeletal System Word Searches:

Wordsearches to review skeletal system terminology.The first with scientific names the second with common names.


Skeletal System Wordsearch (Scientifc Names) Skeletal System Wordsearch (Common Names)

Skeletal System Cloze:

A vocabulary cloze covering the skeletal system and its various functions such as protection, shape, movement, and blood production.


Skeletal System Cloze

Skeletal System Diagrams with Blanks:

Students fill in the blanks identifying 14 basic components of the skeletal system. It comes with no hints, common name hints, or scientific name hints, depending on your focus.


                                              Skeletal System Diagram (No Hints)

                                              Skeletal System Diagram (Common Names)

                                              Skeletal System Diagram (Scientific Names)


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