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Solar System Worksheets


PLuto has recently lost its planetary status. Originally these worksheets were made when Pluto was considered a planet. We've recently added versions of these worksheets reflecting the change. These modified worksheets will have the text w/o Pluto next to them meaning that the content takes into account this change in status. As a teacher you can choose what you want to teach.

Solar System Crosswords

There two solar system crosswords, one easy and one hard. The hard one contains terms like Gas Giant, gravity, telescope, orbit, meteor, comet, and asteroid as well as the planet names.  

Solar System Crossword (Easy)      Solar System Crossword (Hard)


Solar System Crossword w/o Pluto(Easy)      Solar System Crossword w/o Pluto(Hard)


Solar System Word Searches

Two solar system word searches that come in easy and hard to match the crosswords above.

Solar System Word Search (Easy)     Solar System Word Search (Hard)


Solar System Word Search w/o Pluto(Easy)     Solar System Word Search w/o Pluto(Hard)


 Solar System Cloze

Students fill in the blanks with Solar System vocabulary. This Cloze goes well with the hard crossword and word search above.

Solar System Cloze                       Solar System Cloze w/o Pluto

 Solar System Worksheets for Young Learners

A collection of 6 worksheets plus large flashcards aimed at teaching the names of the planets to young learners.

Young Learners Solar System Worksheets


Solar System Name Tags

Students choose a planet for a name. Good for camps and short term programs.

Solar System Nametags


Spaceship Flashcards

Cards that contain all of the planet names and a few extras.

Spaceship flashcards


Other science worksheets at an elementary level:


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