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Teaching hint:


Playing fish is a great way to use these cards. One student asks another student:


¿Usted tiene un alce y un conejo?

If the other student has it, then the student who asked takes the two cards and gets one point. If not, then the student who asked picks up a card from the deck.


Spanish Language Flashcards:






Los Animales del Bosque

These cards can be used to teach simple animal vocabulary and the conjunction 'y'. 

Animals 1     Animals 2     Animals 3 

Animals 4     Animals 5     Animals 6

Animals 7     Animals 8     Animals 9

The Animal Habitat Flashcards

These cards can be used to teach animal names and some animal habitats as well as some simple prepositions. 

Habitats1      Habitats 2      Habitats 3

Habitats 4     Habitats 5      Habitats 6

Habitats 7


Halloween worksheets and activities for learning Spanish!


Animal Body Parts Activity in Spanish

This activity was originally in the ESL section. Thanks to Kiley Crill for translating this activity into Spanish for everyone to use!

Animal Body Parts Introduction Sheet: Teach the words used to describe animals such as manchas, rayas, slas, aletas, piel, and escamas.

Animal Body Parts Odd One Out: This worksheet can be used to review the vocabulary learned in the above introduction worksheet. (Answer sheet here).

Other Worksheets for Teaching Spanish

Number Activity Worksheet: Simple worksheet where students make number problems for other students to solve in Spanish.





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