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Cherry Blossom Rain

All down the lane,

A billion

Cherry blossom petals,

Raining on my head.



Spring Worksheets



Here is our collection of worksheets with Spring themes:

Spring Crossword: Vocabulary review and reading comprehension in the form of a crossword.

Spring Crossword (New Version)  Spring Crossword (Old Version)

Spring Word Search: Vocabulary review in the form of a word search.


Spring Word Search (New Version)       Spring Word Search (Old Version)

Spring Verbs: Fill in the blanks to complete sentences about spring using spring vocabulary.

Spring Verbs

Spring Flashcards: These flashcards go well with the worksheets found in this section. They cover a lot of vocabulary related to growing and new life.

Spring Flashcards

Spring Captions: Students write captions to explain nine images of spring.


Spring Captions

April Showers: Students try to find as many words as they can from the phrase April Showers.

April Showers

The Buds of May: Students find as many words as they can out of the phrase The Buds of May.

The Buds of May

Spring Rhymes: Students solves riddles using their rhyming skills.


Spring Rhymes

Spring Poems: Here are two poems, Wake Up and Cherry Blossom Rain.


Two Spring Poems

Spring Poem: Here is another spring poem, Spring.


Another Spring Poem

Spring Cloze: This vocabulary worksheet reviews some terminology for talking about spring.

Spring Cloze (New Version)      Spring Cloze (Old Version)


Parts of Plants and Tree Bingo: Three bingo games complete with card generators for teaching the parts of plants or the names of flowers and trees.


Parts of Plants/Trees and Flowers Bingo





You might also be interested in Easter Worksheets, St. Patrick's Day Worksheets, April Fool's Day Worksheets, Arbor Day and Earth Day Worksheets. There are also seasons worksheets and seasons flashcards.






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