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Leprechaun  Activity Pack to Play Fish, Memory, or Bingo



You can use these resources to play a St. Patrick's Day themed game of Fish, Memory, or Bingo.


To play the game Fish or Memory, print off two copies of the cards and paste them onto poster board and cut them out.


To play Bingo, print off one copy of the card game to use as Bingo balls and then use the card generator to generate enough cards for your class. Refresh to get a new card.




Leprechaun Card Game

Leprechaun Cards 1

Leprechaun Cards 2

Leprechaun Cards 3

Leprechaun Cards 4

Leprechaun Cards 5

Leprechaun Cards 6

Leprechaun Cards 7

Leprechaun Bingo

Card Generator


Leprechaun Bingo

Card Generator

(Refresh for a new card)


 Sample Card

Sample Leprechuan card: A leprechaun dancing.





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