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Superhero Flashcards






These cards are meant to reinfore the modal 'can', though they can be used for other things. What can Melkor do? He can fly.


Fish is a great game you can play with these card:


S1: Can your superhero fly?

S2: Yes, he can.




S1: Can your superhero fly?

S2: No, he can't. Go fish.


Each superhero has a unique set of two colors. So they can also be used to review colors:


S1: Does your superhero wear blue and orange?

S1: No, he doesn't.




How to Use These Flashcards

Go Fish: Print of two (or four) sets of cards. Paste the cards on a cardboard backing and cut them out. Students take turning asking each other if they have cards:


Super Villain (Old Maid): Print off four sets of each card other than the old villain. Print off one super villain. Put all of the cards on cardboard backing and play old maid.


Memory or Concentration: Print off two sets of cards and put them on cardboard backing. Lay the cards on the table face down. Students take turns turning two cards over at a time. If they get a pair they get to keep it and the pair counts as 1 point.


Superhero Cards 1

Superhero Cards 2

Superhero Cards 3

Superhero Cards 4

Superhero Cards 5

Superhero Cards 6

Superhero Alterntates