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Articles on Teaching ESL, EFL, and TEFL!





Two Articles: A Library of Graded Reading Materials


The following graded reading resources have been prepared for intermediate to advanced students. They have been teacher tested with excellent results on the following groups of students:

                            (1) Intermediate to advanced university students.

                            (2) Intermediate to advanced high school students.

                            (3) Advanced middle school students.

                            (4) Elementary school teachers in intensive training programs.

                            (5) Corporate managers in intensive training programs.

                            (6) Adults in a language institute setting.


Although they are presented as reading materials, they are in fact meant to be conversation activities as described in the article Teaching Effective Communication Through Graded Reading Materials by Yoda Schmidt.

Two Articles Teaching Resources

Two Law Cases: The Stella Awards. Focuses on some terminology for law.

Two Survival Situations: Bears and Shipwrecks Looks at hypothetical speech, probability, and depends.

Two GM Organisms: Franken Monkeys and Franken Fish: Looks at some science terminology, argument, and ethics.

Two Views on Human Rights: Developing World vs Developed World: Examines human rights from different view points. Focuses on vocabulary used to talk about human rights.

Two Natural Disasters: Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions: Examines the power of Nature and the vocabulary used to describe natural disasters.

Two Ownership Issues: The Moon and the Seas: Examines who owns the moon and who owns the high seas. Students learn the language to talk about international treaties.

Two Articles on Modern Day Piracy: Looks at the problem of piracy on the high seas and how to stop it. Vocabulary for ships and shipping.

Two Articles on Exploring Mars: Looks at manned missions to Mars and why they are difficult. Students learn the language of odds and bets.

Two Articles on Samurai Warriors: Examines the samurai warriors. Students learn the vocabulary of battle and fighting.

Two Articles on Government Intervention: Students learn expressions about health issues and government intervention.




Two Extinct Lions: Looks at extinction issues and lions of the prehistoric world. Shorter

Two Endangered Animals: Turtle and Tiger: Looks at endangered animals and expressions used to describe reasons.

Two Reptiles: Iguana and Crocodile: Looks at two amazing reptiles.

Two Animal Attacks: Looks at the chances of being attacked by bears or sharks. Good vocabulary for teaching the language of probability.

Two Historical Trial: The Monkey Trail/Galileo

Two Articles on Galileo Similar to the above article.

Two Arab Cities: Cordoba and Baghdad

Two Camels

Two Mollusks: Octopus and Squid

 Two Bears: Panda and Polar bear

 Two Whales: Killer and Blue Whale  

Two Sharks: Great White and Whale Shark

Two Mysteries: Nasca and Easter Island