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Thanksgiving Math Worksheets



Thanksgiving Worksheets


 Thanksgiving Crossword:


A crossword that can be used to review Thanksgiving vocabulary and expressions.


Thanksgiving Crossword             


Thanksgiving Word Searches:


Another great vocabulary builder. Students find thanksgiving dinner words in a grid:


      Thanskgiving Wordsearch     Thanksgiving Feast Word Search



 Thanksgiving Vocabulary Video:


A video that highlights Thanksgiving traditions in simple sentences .


Thanksgiving Traditions Vocabulary Video 



Thanksgiving Cloze Activities:


Two cloze activities that cover vocabulary for describing the first Thankgiving and modern Thanksgiving celebrations.


The First Thanksgiving Cloze             Modern Thanksgiving Cloze


Thanksgiving Poem: Thanks for All Things


A lengthy but simple poem in easy rhyme about things we should be thankful for.


Thanksgiving Poem




 Thanksgiving Super Quiz Games:

Two quiz games with fall and Thanksgiving vocabulary. The first quiz game is only Thanksgiving vocabulary. The second quiz game has 4 fall related topics including Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Quiz (1 Topic)      Autumn Quiz (4 Topics)



Thanksgiving Word Scrambles:


Students try to make words out of 'THANKSGIVING TURKEY' and 'HARVEST TIME' and 'THE SCARECROW.'


Thanksgiving Turkey   Harvest Time   The Scarecrow


What Happens on Thnaksgiving Young Learners Unit:


A thematic unit that has a sentence worksheet, a word search, a reading puzzle packet and reading selection. This is part of the content questions series of thematic units..


What Happens on Thanksgiving Young Learners Unit


Turkey Writing:

Imagine you are a turkey, and Thanksgiving is coming soon. Now, you really don't want to be chosen for the dinner table. Write a speech explaining why your partner is a better choice for the dinner table:

 Turkey Creative Writing



The ABC Turkey (For Young Kids):


Kids connect the dots and draw a Thanksgiving turkey by following the ABCs.


Capital Letter Turkey             Small Letter Turkey


 The First Thanksgiving Crossword:


A great vocabulary builder. Students can check their knowledge of Thanksgiving by filling in the crossword. The words covered are farm, Plimoth, Mayflower, turkey, autumn, pumpkin, squash, corn, Wampanoag, Samoset, feast, Atlantic, Holland, English, and puritan.


First Thanksgiving Crossword


Note: Plimoth is the original name of the plantation, not Plymouth. And so, the answer to clue 6 across is Plimoth.



Thanksgiving Read-and-Write Book: Run, Turkey. Run!


A lengthy but simple poem in easy rhyme about things we should be thankful for.


Run, Turkey. Run!



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