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TEFL/ TESOL Worksheets for Valentine's Day!






Valentine's Day Worksheets


Lanternfish is adding several new Valentine's Day worksheets this year. Just click on the worksheet below. It may take a while to open as most of the files are MS Word documents. Happy Valentine's Day!

Word Scramble:


Students try to find as many words as the can using the letters from HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.


Happy Valentine's Day  


Valentine's Day Crosswords

Two crosswords to review Valentine's Day vocabulary. The second crossword is a little larger, but the first crossword has the traditional Valentine's Day poem.


Valentine's Crossword 1            Valentine's Crossword 2


Word Search

Find eighteen Valentine's Day words in this word search:


Saint Valentine's Day Word Search


Valentine's Day Rhymes

Simple riddles students solve by finding the rhyme.


Valentine's Day Rhymes


Monster Valentine's Day Cards:

Students write Valentine's Day cards to each other:


Monster Valentine1    Monster Valentine 2    Monster Valentine 3    Monster Valentine 4



Broken Hearts:

Mend the Broken hearts by unscrambling the words. Then use the numbers below to figure out the riddle:


Broken Hearts

Relationships (Adult Classes):

These two crosswords, which are appropriate for adult students, cover vocabulary and expressions related to relationships and dating:


Relationships Crosswords 1       Relationships Crosswords 2


As well, Lanternfish has a new ESL jobs section. News jobs are listed daily. There is a special section on ESL jobs in Korea.