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  ESL Writer's Workshop Writing Resources





Captioning and Describing Pictures

Students practice sentence level writing by captioning and describing pictures. Hundreds of resources.






Writing about Problems

This paragraph writing worksheet examines the problems of human space exploration. Students isolate lexical chunks used for writing about problems and write some paragraphs of their own. One problem with . . .

One problem that . . .




Stating Reasons to do Something

This paragraph writing exercise teaches students how to state the reasons for doing something. They examines the reasons for using public transportation. One reason to . . . is to . . .





Ways to do Something

This paragraph writing worksheets teaches students how to list the ways to do things. They write to simple paragraphs. One way to . . Another way to . . .  




Weighing an Argument

Students examine the pros and cons of students electing their teachers. Using these pros and cons, they weigh the argument of whether students should elect their teachers or not. On the one hand . . . But, on the other hand . . .




Building an Argument

Students examine the arguments for banning smoking in public places. They are asked to come up with supporting points and then examples.  Then the students look at linking language. The lesson teaches students how to support their ideas and make their arguments flow.




Refuting an Argument

In this lesson, students examine three steps to refuting an opponent's argument: introduce the argument, evaluate the argument, and make a counter argument.




Creative Writing Story Starters

Students read the beginning of a story and then write the rest of the story themselves.




Using Definite and Indefinite Articles

A large section with various resources describing how definite articles and indefinite articles can be used in writing.