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  Super Quiz Game






The links below the quiz board game image will generate easy-to-use quiz games for the classroom. Currently there is a random quiz and a teacher's choice quiz aimed at elementary school and middle school students and a crime themed quiz aimed at high school or adult ESL learners. Just REFRESH your browser to generate a new quiz. In the near future we will be adding many new topics and the ability for teachers to choose the level or the topics they want to appear. Note, the 20 point questions may challenge your students!

Generate a Random 4 Topic ESL Quiz (low level)

Choose 4 Topics ESL Quiz (low level)

Single Topic Quiz Games (low level)

Generate a Summer Themed Quiz (low level)

Generate a Crime Themed Quiz (high level)

Generate a Halloween Themed Quiz (low level)

Generate a Autumn Themed Quiz (low level)

Generate a Cooking Themed Quiz (low level)


Sample Quiz Board

(Click the links below the image to generate a quiz game board)

Sample Quiz

Game Play:

It is possible to play this game with the first to hit the buzzer gets to answer. This is how many game shows such as Jeopardy do it. I do not recommend this as it often leads to the one team running away with the score, which in turn causes other teams to lose motivation. It can also cause the class to lose control as all of the students are screaming for you to pick them. Instead, I recommend teams take turns choosing and answering questions. As a catch-up mechanism, I also allow the team with the least amount of points to 'steal' if the team who selected the question cannot answer.