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Letter C

Alphabet Letter C Worksheets


The worksheets on this page can used to teach the letter C. There are coloring, tracing, and writing worksheets to teach both capital and small letters. There are also sheets to cover the digraphs CH and CK.


Letter C Worksheets

Big C Coloring Worksheet (C is for Cat)

Big C Coloring Worksheet (C is for Clown)

Big C Coloring Worksheet (C is for Cupcake)

Big C Coloring Worksheet (C is for Candy Cane)

Big C Tracing Worksheet (C is for Cow)

Little C Coloring Worksheet (C is for Cake)

Little C Tracing Worksheet (C is for Car)

Big and Little C Writing Worksheet

Hard C Initial Sound          Soft C Initial Sound

Initial Sound CH     Final Sound CH     Final Sound CK     CH vs J Contrast

 Alphabet Train C

Elkonin Boxes with C slots:

can   cat  cup

Child Appropriate Words that Begin with C:

Hard C: cabin, cactus, cage, cake, calf, camel, camera, camping, can, candle, candy, canoe, cap, cape, car, card, carrot, castle, cat, cave, clam, clap, claw, clean, cliff, clock, clothes, cloud, clown, coat, cobra, coin, cold, color, comet, comic, computer, cone, cookie, coral, corn, couch, costume, cow, coyote, crab, crane, crawl, cream, cricket, crocodile, crow, crown, cry, cucumber, cup,

Soft C: celery, ceiling, cell, centipede, cent, centimeter, cereal, certain, circle, circus, city,

C-H digraphs: chain, chair, chalk, champion, change, check, cheek, cheese, cherry, chick, chicken, child, chimney, chin, China, chip, chipmunk, chopsticks, chocolate, church






The worksheets above come from the following early learning resource collections:

Alphabet Worksheets:

Big Letters Coloring     Big Letters Tracing

Little Letters Coloring   Little Letters Tracing

Big and Little Letters Writing

Phonics Worksheets:

Initial Sounds    Final Sounds  Vowel Combinations  Select Patterns  Elkonin Boxes