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Creative Writing Prompts:


These creative writing worksheets can can be used both in class or as weekly homework assignments. We are always looking for more contributions so if you have an idea please add it to the creative writing story starters thread. Eventually all of the story starters will be turned into worksheets and posted here. In the meantime, teachers can browse the thread for ideas.









The Secret Passage

BrueghelĄ¯s Painting

The Tunnel

The Tricksters in the Tree

Fairies in Danger

Super Power for a Day

Talking to Animals

The Portal

The Villain

Letter Writing

The Wings of Icarus

The Shadow from the Depths

Time Machine:

Invisibility Potion


The Alien School

The Cave

Beware of Humans

Martian Settlement

The Voice from the Box

The Door Guard

An Old Lamp

The Strange Machine

The Padlocked Chest

The Shrinking Potion

The Pet Sitter

Bruegel's Painting

The Shadow from the Deep

The Tricksters

The Pyramid

Talking with Animals

The Villain

The Wings of Icarus

The Tunnel

The Portal

Fairies in Danger

Superpower for a Day

The Labors of Heracles

Greek God Election

Writing a Letter











How to Care for a Dinosaur

How to Care for a Dinosaur 2

How to Care for a Dragon

How to Care for a Dragon 2

Christmas Creative Writing

 Saving Santa: Santa's stuck in a chimney.

Candy Cane Mystery: Who stole all the stripes?

Elves on Strike: These are our demands.

The Planet Pollutonia

The Planet Criminolia


Future School

The Door Under the Stones

(sent in by Katelyn)


The Prank


The Seed


Leprechaun's Gold


The Island of Dr. Moreau


In Goal for the Rockets

(sent in by Yoda Schmidt)


The Monster Match


The Evil Scientist

(sent in by Curt Winstead)


The Last Tree

(Sent in by Katie Seafield)


Minutes to Go: Soccer

Minutes to Go: Baseball

Minutes to Go: Hockey


Are You a Monster: Students design several tests to determine if someone is a monster.

Are You a Witch?

Are You a Werewolf?

Are You a Vampire?

Got an idea for a creative writing project? Email us and we'll make a worksheet and post it.