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A Visit to the Doctor's: AN ESL Role-play by Chris Gunn





Doctor's Activity Sheet


Patients Activity Sheet


Ailment Cards


Treatment Cards


Vocabulary Worksheets




Purpose and Audience:

The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice visiting a doctor and communicating in English. This is a fairly simple role-play intended for false beginners (or perhaps even beginners). In short, students will go to the doctor, describe their ailment, get a prescription, and get some advice. Doctors will listen to ailments, ask a few questions and then prescribe medicine and give some advice.


Class Set-up:

The class is divided into two groups: Doctors and Patients. Doctors are given the Doctor's Activity Sheet and the Treatment Cards. Patients are given the Patients Activity Sheet and three Ailment Cards.



For each ailment, the patients will visit two doctors and get some advice and a prescription. There is a fair amount of vocabulary for this exercise so it might be wise to have the students prep for class with some worksheets or exercises. If you are in an ESL setting it might also be a good idea to have the main terms translated. Also, the ailment and treatment cards are in MS Word format so you can edit them to whatever sickness you want.


If you are intersted in this role-play you might also be intersted in the health and safety flashcards.





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