ESL Winter Activities





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 Teaching materials for winter vocabulary!
























Winter Cards:



These cards are a fun way to teach vocabulary related to Winter. These cards were designed by Chris Gunn using a mix of 3D animation and clipart. They can be used for both K7 and ESL. Included in this set of cards is:


A person snowboarding.

A person skiing.

Snowflakes falling from the sky.

A woman skating.

People playing hockey.

An icicle hanging from the roof.

A man getting warm by the fire.

A person sledding.


For ideas on how to teach these cards, check out the flashcards section. You might also be interested in the section or the winter worksheets section.



Snowboarding: A sample winter flashcard.

Winter Flashcards 1

Winter Flashcards 2

Winter Flashcards 3

Winter Flashcards 4


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