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Adverbial Clause

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adverbial clauses: Subordinate clauses that act as adverbs. Adverbial clauses tell us when, where, how,  why, and to what extent something happened.

When: (Answers when something happened)

    While you were out, someone called.

    Before he came, he called.

    As soon as you are finished, call me.

Why: (Answers why something happened)

    I ordered two pizzas as we were all hungry.

    I failed because I didn't study.

    I fixed it so that anybody could use it.

Where: (Answers where something happened)

    This card is accepted wherever you go.

How: (Answers how something happened)

    She talked as if she were a princess.

    He swam as if he were a fish in the sea.

Ideas commonly expressed by adverbial clauses are:

        time - when, as soon as, before

        place - where, wherever

        manner - as if

        degree - than, as ____ as _______

        reason, purpose or cause - because, since, so that

        condition - if, unless

        concession - although, even though,