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Halloween worksheets for kids and ESL teachers.




Halloween ESL activities for children.






 Halloween Addition Math Worksheets


Halloween Worksheets


Lanternfish has a variety of different activities for Halloween. Just click on the worksheet below. It may take a while to open as most of the files are MS Word documents.

Happy Halloween!


What monster likes blood? Trick-or-________.  Students fill in the blank squares to complete two Halloween crosswords:


Halloween Crossword 1       Halloween Crossword 2


                         Monster Madness        Ultimate Halloween Crossword (Hard)


All About Witches         All About Vampires


 Answer Key for Ultimate Halloween Crossword


Scrambled Pumpkins:

Students unscramble pumpkins to find out what monsters eat for breakfast on Halloween morning:


  Halloween Scrambled Pumpkins



Halloween Vocabulary Presentation:

A simple presentation to illustrate Halloween vocabulary and customs:


  Halloween Traditions Video     Halloween Words Video    Halloween Night Video


Word Searches:

Students find 33 Halloween words hidden in the backdrop of a haunted house. There are also two new easy word searches for younger kids:


Halloween Search Easy1       Halloween Search Easy2      Halloween Word Search Hard



Halloween Super Quiz Game:

Play a jeopardy style quiz game with your class. There are four Halloween themed topics:


Halloween Super Quiz Game


 Reading Comprehension and Creative Writing:

Students read a page-long beginning to a spooky Halloween story. But it doesn't get spooky until they get involved in the process: They complete the story as a creative writing assignment.


Haunted House Reading and Writing

Relative Clause Grammar Practice:

Students use the relative clause is a monster that to define Halloween monsters.


Kinds of Monsters 

Halloween Word Scrambles:

Students try to make words out of 'haunted house' and 'Jack-O'-Lantern'.


Haunted House                  Jack-O'-Lantern        

Rhymes for Halloween:

A scary monster that rhymes with toast: ghost. Students try to find rhyming words.


Halloween Rhymes


Halloween Captions:

Students provide caption to express the main ideas for some Halloween images.


Halloween Captions I     Halloween Captions II

Halloween Picture Descriptionss:

Students write as many sentences as they can to describe some Halloween images.


Halloween Descriptions I  Halloween Descriptions II  Halloween Descriptions III


Halloween Descriptions IV

Are You a Werewolf?:

This section has two activities around a common theme. In activity one, students interview each other to see if they have symptoms of being a werewolf or a witch. Activity two is a creative writing exercise: Students think of tests to identify if someone is a witch, vampire, or werewolf.


Are You a Werewolf?

Haunted House Information Gap:

Where are the ghosts? In the kitchen, on the stove. This information gap covers prepositions, furniture and rooms in a house.  


Haunted House Gap A   Haunted House Gap B

Halloween Costumes Vocabulary Sheet

Simple vocabulary sheet that covers 14 Halloween costumes.


Costume Vocabulary Sheet

Halloween Costumes Matching Sheets

Kids match the costume with the words. There are two versions that are almost identical but the second version contains a few more constumes.


Costume Matching (Easy)     Costume Matching (Slightly Harder)

What Are You Going to Be for Halloween Writing Sheet (Young Learners)

A sheet from the young learner's section. Students practice writing 'be going to' plus costumes. There are two versions that are almost identical but the second version contains one more constume. It goes well with the reading packets below.


Spooky Halloween Costumes (Easy)     Spooky Halloween Costumes (Slightly Harder)


Halloween Trick-or-Treating (Young Learners)

Simple writing sheet that describes trick-or-treating. It goes well with the reading packets below.




Halloween Reading Selections (Young Learners)

Simple reading selections for young learners sheet that describes what happens on Halloween: Kids wear costumes. Kids carve jack-o'-lanterns. Kids go trick-or-treating. It goes well with the reading packets below.


Halloween Reading      Halloween Jack-o'-lanterns


Halloween Reading Puzzle Packets

Three reading puzzles from the reading packet puzzle section. Kids use all the words to make word reading puzzles about Halloween.


What Are You Going to Be?             What Happens on Halloween?


How Do You Make a Jack-o'-lantern?

Monsters in the House Card Game:

Trolls, aliens, witches, ghosts, and dragons are all in the house. This monsters card game covers prepositions, house vocabulary, and monster names. You will need to print cards from both of the following card sections:  


Prepositions Cards      House Cards

Buyer Beware!:

What if the house you wanted to buy was haunted? How would you know? These worksheets have a reading comprehension activity plus a creative writing activity.


Buyer Beware!(Reading Comprehension)   Haunted Real Estate (Creative Writing Version 1)

                                                              Haunted Real Estate (Creative Writing Version 2)

Halloween Flashcards and Card Game:

These flashcards cover a lot of Halloween vocabulary. They can be used as an alternate to the monster card game above.


Halloween Flashcards

Big Halloween Flashcards:

A set of large flashcards covering various Halloween costumes plus a few other related words (large file).


Big Halloween Flashcard Set

Halloween Bingo Game

Generate as many different bingo cards as you need with this 4X4 Halloween Vocabulary Bingo Game.


Halloween Bingo

Haunted House Drawing:

This activity comes in a two-page or a compact one-page worksheet. Students read a list of Halloween items and then draw them inside a haunted house. Or the teacher can print the two page worksheet but only hand out the drawing page so that the reading page can be read by the teacher for listening comprehension.


Haunted House Drawing     Haunted House Drawing (Compact)


Halloween Conversation:

A short Halloween conversation from the basic conversations section.


I'm Going as a Witch


Easy Halloween Vocabulary Practice Sheets:

Easy vocabulary worksheets with four words each to practice writing Halloween vocabualry.


 Monster Words         Halloween Words       Witch Words       

Easy Halloween Spelling Worksheets:

This section contains 11 Halloween spelling worksheets. Each sheet focuses on just one word. Much easier than the vocabulary sheets above.


Halloween Spelling Sheets


Big Letters Coloring Halloween Version:

Ten big letter coloring sheets with a Halloween theme: G is for ghost, P is for Pirate.


Halloween Big Letters


Halloween Cloze Activities:

Vocabulary and reading comprehension review. Students insert 24 Halloween words into 5 paragraphs. There is also a new haunted house cloze.


Halloween Cloze      Haunted House Cloze

Halloween Monster Who Am I? Riddles:

An inference activity where students guess a monster's identity based on contextual clues.


Monster Who Am I? Riddles

A Dare at Midnight -A Halloween Poem:

A Halloween poem with illustrations that takes place in a cemetery at midnight.


A Dare at Midnight

Halloween Verbs:

Students provide a verb to complete the sentence.


Halloween Verbs

Halloween Costume party Award Certificates:

Several award certificates for best costumes, scariest costume, etc.


Costume Party Award Certificates

French Halloween Teaching Resources:

This section contains a word search and a set of French Halloween flashcards.


French Halloween Worksheets


Spanish Halloween Teaching Resources:

This section contains a word search and a set of Spanish Halloween flashcards.


Spanish Halloween Worksheets


If you are interested in these worksheets, you may be interested in the fall worksheets.