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Color Worksheets and Activities




Worksheet 1: Colors Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple


Vocabulary worksheets for five of the basic colors. Simple sentences like Apples are red.



Worksheet 2: Colors Green, Brown, Gray, Black, White


Vocabulary worksheets for five more basic colors. Simple sentences like Leaves are green.



Worksheet 3: Ten Colors Reference Sheet


Vocabulary worksheets for ten colors. Smaller writing makes it more appropriate for older kids.  



Worksheet 4: Bird Colors


Students describe birds using two colors and the conjunction 'and'.

Penguins are black and white.



Worksheet 5: Animals with Stripes and Spots


Students describe animals using colors and patterns.

Tigers are orange with black stripes.


 Worksheet 6: Colors Wordsearch

Students find the color words in this relatively easy wordsearch.



If you are interested in these worksheets, you might also be interested in the pirate flashcards for ESL young learners. These cards cover numbers, colors, and some conjunctions and prepositions. There are also the shapes and colors bingo and the shapes and colors flashcards.



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