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Seasons and Days Flashcards for ESL/TEFL teachers!





Worksheets for Teaching K7

ESL Young Learners: The Seasons



Worksheet 1: Four Seasons Vocabulary

Practice writing the names of the season.


Worksheet 2: Four Seasons: When Do Kids Make Snowmen?

Asking when people do various activities with the fours seasons as answers.


Worksheet 3: Four Seasons: When Do Leaves Change Color?

Asking when people do various activities with the fours seasons as answers.


Worksheet 4: Season Spring

Practice writing spring and answer questions about spring.


Worksheet5: Season Summer

Practice writing summer and answer questions about summer.


Worksheet 6a-c: Season Fall

Practice writing fall and answer questions about fall.

Autumn Leaves           What Happens on a Farm          Autumn Colors


Autumn Reading Activities: Three Reading Activities From Reading Puzzle Packets

What Happens in Fall         What Happens on a Farm      Autumn Leaves



Worksheet 7: Season Winter


Practice writing winter and answer questions about winter.



Content Questions Unit: Wintertime


Many worksheets and activities that explore what happens in winter.



Content Questions Unit: Describe the Four Seasons


Many worksheets and activities that teach how to describe seasons using relative clauses.



Worksheet Generator 1: Seasons and Holidays Cloze

This is a simple cloze worksheet with seasons and holidays. The seasons and holidays are taken from a database at random so you can refresh to get an entirely new worksheet.




If these worksheets interest you, you may also want to check out the season and times of day flashcards. There are also worksheet section for each season: Spring Worksheets, Summer Worksheets, and Winter Worksheets.


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