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     Summer Worksheets for         ESL, EFL, and K7

Summer fun at Lanternfish





Summer Worksheets! ESL, EFL materials for language arts.


Summer Worksheets:


Watermelon and Sand Castle Word Scrambles:

Students see how many words they can make out of W A T E R M E L O N and S A N D C A S T L E. Then they can compare their list of words with the clues at the bottom. You can make it a race or you can give 1 point for each word plus some bonus points for 'Teacher Words' -- words that are a little more difficult that the teacher has written down in secret.


Watermelon    Sand Castle




 A Word Search:

A simple word search for vocabulary practice.


Summer Wordsearch


Summer Rhymes:

Where do you go that rhymes with peach? What do you drink that rhymes with shade?


Summer Rhymes


Summer Crossword:

One summer crossword, artfully decorated. Great for vocabulary review and comprehension:


Summer Crossword


Summer Cloze:

Fill in the blanks with appropriate vocabulary to complete this cloze activity.


Summer Cloze


Summer Bingo Game:

Generate as many summer bingo cards as you need with our random bingo card generator and then print off a set of bingo balls.:


Summer Bingo


Young Learners' Summer Resources:

A section of reading activities and resources for younger learners:


Summer for Young Learners




Super Quiz Game:

A fun quiz game with summer related categories that covers what happens in summer.

 Summer Quiz (4 Topics)    Summer Quiz (Single Topic)


Camping Theme:

Three worksheets covering the summer activity of camping.


Camping Cloze        Camping Word Search     Camping Relative Clauses


Beach Theme:

Three worksheets covering the summer activity of camping.


Beach Cloze    Beach Bingo Game   Beach Word Search


Summer Question Prompt:

A list of questions related to summer.


Summer Questions