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Vowel Digraph Words Flashcards and Fish/Memory Game

Digraphs AW, EW, OW (town), OW (snow), OU, and OO



Vowel digraphs are combinations of letters that make a single sound (like in the words hawk, snow, cloud, and book).The digraphs covered in this unit are AW as in paw, EW as in news, OW as in down, OW as in grow, OU as in loud, and OO as in book (OO as in moon is covered in the vowel digraphs unit 1). These cards can be used to reinforce decoding skills for vowel digraph words in a fun way by playing Fish or Memory, or even just as flashcards.



Vowel Digraph Cards AW Words

Vowel Digraph Cards AW/EW

Vowel Digraph Cards EW Words

Vowel Digraph Cards OO Words

Vowel Digraph Cards OO/OU

Vowel Digraph Cards OU Words

Vowel Digraph Cards OW Words

Vowel Digraph Cards OW Words

Vowel Digraph Cards OW Words


Note: It is possible to mix and match with other vowel digraphs from vowel digraphs unit 1.




Sample Vowel Digraph Card: GLOW



Other Vowel Digraph

Word Resources:


Vowel Digraphs Unit 2

(AW, EW, OW, OU, OO)


Vowel Digraphs Unit 1

(AI, EA, EE, OA, OO)








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