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The Lesson Plan Archive

For more lesson plans visit the archive.


The Ask Thomas Archive

More questions and answers in the ATarchive.

























Picture Descriptions

Describing and Captioning Pictures


Spot the Differences


Story Questions




Anagram Riddles


Rhyming Riddles


Word Morphs




Word Skills


Word Skills Cloze Activities


Grammar Focus


Grammar Practice Worksheets





Animal Quiz


Dinosaur Quiz


Biggest and Fastest Quiz


Opposites Quiz



Rhymes Sheets


Easy Rhymes


Animal Rhymes


Space Rhymes


Begins With . . .


Begins with A-M


Begins with N-Z


Animals begins with  




Animal Alliteration


People Alliteration


Functional English


Giving Advice




Game Board One: Say 4 Things



Word Scramble Worksheet:

This section contains over 12 word scramble worksheets.


Riddle Worksheets:

This section contains riddles and ideas for how to use them in an ESL setting.


Alphabet Connect the Dots:

Several connect the dot worksheets inboth capitals and small letter.



Theme Sheets


Food Chain

What Would You Do If . . .

Expressions About Me

Murphy's Law (conditionals)

Crime and Punishment (conditionals)

Park Warden (Passives)



Aliens II

Student Teacher Contract

New Years Resolutions

Spell Sheet


Country City Good/Bad







Themed Worksheet Collections:



Appearance Worksheets


Personality Worksheets


Insect Worksheets


City Worksheets


Geography Worksheets


Opposite Worksheets


Synonym Worksheets


Food Chain/Food Web


Reptile Worksheets


Simile Worksheets


Metaphor Worksheets




Solar System Worksheets


Clothes Worksheets


Fish Worksheets


Five Senses Worksheets


Greek Myths


Knights and Castles


Fantasy Genre


Water Cycle Worksheets


Frog Life Cycle Worksheets


Salmon Life Cycle Worksheets


Family Relations Worksheets


Beavers and Dams Worksheets


Ancient Egypt


Irregular Verbs


Jobs and Occupations Worksheets


History Worksheets (sister site www.littlehistorians.com)


Patterns and Expressions


Like/Don't Like


I Wish I Could

Have To/Want To

I Enjoy Doing

I Can't Stand


It Depends On


Vocab Sheets


Season Vocab


Country City Vocab


Animal Types Vocab