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 ESL Bingo






Forest Animal Bingo   - . . . a deer and a squrrel . . . a bear and a skunk . . . a moose and a raccoon . . . bingo!

The target language for this Bingo game is forest animals and the conjunction 'and'. There are 18 cards with 6 kinds of animals in rows and six in columns. The actual cards are 5X5 so that every card is missing two animals.  


Note: Bear, Deer, Fox, Moose, Wolf, and Owl are in the rows and Squirrel, Skunk, Rabbit, Raccoon, Porcupine, and Beaver are in the columns.


I recommend that you laminate the cards and then students cab use a marker to cross out the squares as they are called. There are two ways you can play this game:




Bingo Card 1

Bingo Card 2

Bingo Card 3

Bingo Card 4

Bingo Card 5

Bingo Card 6

Bingo Card 7

Bingo Card 8

Bingo Card 9


Bingo Card 10

Bingo Card 11

Bingo Card 12

Bingo Card 13

Bingo Card 14

Bingo Card 15

Bingo Card 16

Bingo Card 17

Bingo Card 18

Method 1:

Make a deck of forest animal cards. The forest animal flashcards were made to accompany this bingo game with the first animal being represented in the rows of the cards and the second animal being in the column. Shuffle the deck of cards up and turn them over one by one, calling them out. Students should fill out their whole card (blackout bingo) and call out 'bingo!' When a bingo is made the teacher can confirm that it is indeed a bingo by quickly going throught the cards that were turned over.


Method 2:

If you don't want to use the forest animal cards, you can just have the students take turns calling out any square that they want. One advantage of this method is that students also get some speaking practice. The teacher will have to keep track of what has been called out however. To do this simply make a 6X6 grid with all the animals represented


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