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Volume 4

Spring 2003


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Science lesson plans, articles,worksheets, and activities for ESL teachers.




ESL Science






Learning ESL through Life Science Content.





This month, the Living Earth examines reptiles and amphibians, cold-blooded vertebrates with several differences and similarities.


                   Reptiles and Amphibians  (web version)

                   Reptiles and Amphibians  (print version)


               Reptiles and Amphibians Information Gap


ESL article and activities on amphibians and reptiles.

Language Arts through Social Sciences

Articles on ESL and Social Sciences.

Biggleborian Cave Art

Human Faces is a reading comprehension series based on articles that come from the social sciences. This month's activity combines anthropology with ESL. Students look at the cave art of a ficticious society called the Biggleborians. They have to infer as much as they can about Biggleborian culture based on the cave art. This activity can be used for teaching present progressive.

The Biggleborian Cave Art

Biggleborian Anthropology Writing Activity


The Language of Science -  Patterns that are Useful for Scientific Writing.

This month's handout is on science and scientists. Students look at the vocabulary used to describe what scientists do, such as research, hypothesize, experiment, collect data, and predict. Then, the students look at a list of scientists and have to define what each scientists does using a relative clause:

An oceanographer is a person who collects data on currents.

A mathematican is somebody who solves problems with equations.

Science and Scientists

Language and Mathematics -The vocabulary needed to talk Math.

Math is the language of science. This section is for teaching the vocabulary needed to talk about mathematics. This month's handout is on an subtraction and remainders. Students solve simple word problems to answer how many are left or how many remain.

Monster Math: How Many are Left?

Key language points:

                           How many are left?

                           How many remain?

                           How many are remaining?




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