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Long Vowel Bossy E Worksheets

and Teaching Resources


Long vowel words are words that have the silent E at the end such as cake, hike, note, and flute. For simplification, resources for teaching other long vowels formed without the 'bossy E' (such as boat) are in the vowel digraph section. Though other arrangements are possible, the long vowel resources here are probably best taught after CVC words and consonant digraphs but before vowel digraph. However, it is by no means essential that teachers cover the material in that order.


When treating the silent E, one common explanation that teachers use is that the E 'bosses' the vowel and changes it from a short to a long vowel (this of course assumes that short vowels have already been taught). Hence, the silent E is often called the 'bossy' E by teachers. This is an explanation that I have used time and time again with great success.


Long Vowel Teaching Resources

Long Vowel Spelling Sheets: These spelling sheets contain words with long vowel bossy E combinations. I generally introduce two or three new words every day to highlight or reinforce a particular pattern.

Long Vowel Card Game: These cards can be used to play memory and fish while at the same time reinforcing long vowel patterns. The words are mostly taken from the spelling sheets above.

Long Vowel Bossy E Large Text Flashcards: These are text only large flashcards with Bossy E words. I use them mostly for assessment or review.

Long A Bossy E   Long I Bossy E    Long O Bossy E    C Bossy E

Long Vowel Bingo: A bingo game that helps students decode words with long vowels+bossy E. There are no pictures in this game as the emphasis is on decoding skills.

Long Vowel Word Searches: 6 word searches from the phonics wordsearches section that reinforce the long vowel bossy E patterns. They come with two grids, easy and normal, so as not to frustrate younger learners.

Long A Easy            Long I Easy             Long O Easy

Long A Normal          Long I Normal         Long O Normal

Dragon Words with Long Vowels (links below): Sets of flashcards with long vowel words and no pictures for an emphasis on decoding. These cards come from the Dragon Words Section.

 a bossy e      i bossy e      o bossy e       u bossy e

Long Vowel Rhymes: A simple rhyming worksheet that reviews long vowel rhyming words from the card game above.

Long Vowel Bossy E Unit Spelling Test Generator: Generate as many spelling tests as you want for review or for actual testing of words in this unit. Refresh to get a new test.

Phonics Monsters Game (Long Vowel Version): This is a great game for reinforcing decoding skills. I also use these cards as my standard set of flashcards when introducing and practicing phonetic patterns.

Long Vowel Bossy E Say and Spell It Game: A fun game for reviewing words with long vowels and bossy Es as well as the word skills rhymes, begins with, and ends in.


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