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CVC Words | Consonant Digraphs | Long Vowels (Bossy E) | Vowel DigraphsR-Controlled Vowels

Word Searches for Teaching Phonics

Here is our collection of word searches organized according to categories commonly found in phonics programs. Most word searches come with an easy grid and a more difficult grid. For very young learners, the easy grid is probably the better choice to avoid frustration.

CVC Word Searches:

Short A  Easy      Short E Easy       Short I Easy       Short O Easy       Short U Easy 

Short A Normal     Short E Normal     Short I Normal      Short O Normal     Short U Normal 


CVC Words Mixed 1   CVC Words Mixed 2   CVC Words Mixed 3   CVC Words Mixed 4


Consonant Digraph Word Searches:

NG Easy          CK Easy       LL Easy      CH Easy      SH Easy     TH Easy

   NG Norm      CK Norm     LL Norm      CH Norm    SH Norm   TH Norm


Long Vowel Bossy E Word Searches:

Long A Easy            Long I Easy             Long O Easy

Long A Normal          Long I Normal         Long O Normal


Vowel Digraph Word Searches:

AI Search Easy      EA Search Easy     EE Search Easy     OA Search Easy     OO Search Easy

AI Search Norm    EA Search Norm    EE Search Norm    OA Search Norm  OO Search Norm


R-Controlled Vowels Word Searches:

AR Easy       ER Easy       IR Easy       OR Easy        UR Easy

AR Norm        ER Norm      IR Norm    OR Norm      UR Norm

More Vowel Digraph Word Searches:

AW Easy   EW Easy   OW (snow) Easy    OW (cow)Easy    OO (book) Easy   OU Easy

 AW Norm EW Norm  OW (snow) Norm  OW (cow)Norm   OO (book) Norm  OU Norm

Consonant Blend Word Searches:

BL and BR Easy     CL and CR Easy     Dr and TR Easy     FL and FR Easy     GL and GR Easy

BL and BR Norm    CL and CR Norm   DR and TR Norm   FL and FR Norm   GL and GR Norm

Other Phonics Patterns:

IGHT Easy    MB (lamb)Easy

IGHT Norm   MB (lamb)Norm


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