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Phrasal Verbs for ESL



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Phrasal verbs are very important in the English language.  Although they consist of two or more words- usually verb and preposition combinations- they act as if they were one word. Phrasal verbs can be separable (I turned the volume up), inseparable (I have to look after my brother) and intransitive (I showed up late). For more explanation see the glossary. Also for a very good list of phrasal verbs see the Capitol Community College website. One way to use these is to give a daily crossword (five days a week). Each section has five crosswords and if you teach one or two of the more difficult phrasal verbs per day, by the end of the week, the students will be able to do the crosswords with no problem AND they will get sufficient review.

Phrasal Verb Selection I:

blew up, take care of, come across, come up with, cut down on, do over, drop by, drop out of, eat out, get along with, look up, make up, pick out, put up with, put off, get rid of, ran into, ran out of, set up, show up, take off, talk back to, turn down, wake up.

crossword 1a      crossword 1b      crossword 1c      crossword 1d

crossword 1e      Matching Worksheet       Question Worksheet

 Phrasal Verbs Selection 2:  _________ up

act up, blow up, break up, bring up, brush up, catch up, clean up, close up, get up, give up, grow up, hang up, keep up, line up, look up, open up, pass up, show up, sign up, take up, tear up, throw up, turn up, wrap up.

up crossword 1   up crossword 2    up crossword 3   up crossword 4

up crossword 5