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Animal Kingdom Game by Chris Gunn



This animal themed game builds vocabulary and communication skills. Kids describe, compare, and contrast animals to move along the board.


Game Board*

Game Cards

Game Rules


Other resources that go well with this game, especially if they are used before the game is played are:


Compare and Contrast Animals for Kids

AnimalAnatomy Vocab Sheet

Animal Odd One Out

Animal Odd One Out Easy

Animal Odd One Out Contrast

Animal Odd One Out Compare

Animal Anatomy Card Game

Name That Animal

Describing Animals Crossword



*Note: I usually have to print the board at 97% to fit it onto A4 paper. You should be able to do this if you hit options and paper layout when you print. Also, some teachers don't like the Free Candy square. If this is the case, just cut and paste one of the Word Skills squares into the spots occupied by Free Candy.



Animal Kingdom Game Board







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