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Are You A Witch, Werewolf, or Vampire?



Survey Activity:

Students take turns interviewing each other to find out if their partner may be a witch or a werewolf. There are two versions of this survey with the only difference being the level of the language used. The expressions in version two are richer and more varied, and hence, intended for students with greater English ability.


Version A   (Easy)                       Version B (Difficult)

Are You a Witch?                         Are You a Witch?

Are You a Werewolf?                     Are You a Werewolf?


If you do the survey activity, you can also do the Are You a Vampire? creative writing below. Have the students work in groups to come up with a survey similar to the ones they have just conducted.


Creative Writing:

Do you have fleas? Do you  wake up in strange places? Do you howl when you hear sirens? If so, you may be a werewolf. Students work in groups to come up with a list of symptoms that indicate a friend might be a witch, werewolf, or a vampire.


Are You a Witch?          Are You a Werewolf?          Are You a Vampire?