Glossary of ESL terms


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Lanternfish ESL ABCs. -Just click, print, and copy.


As an added bonus kids learn the articles 'a' and 'an' and 'and'.  It's important to get ESL/EFL learners using articles right from the start.


Aa   Bb    Cc    Dd   Ee    Ff    Gg

Hh    Ii     Jj      Kk    Ll     Mm   Nn

Oo    Pp    Qq   Rr    Ss    Tt     Uu

Vv    Ww    Xx   Yy    Zz

If you are interested in ABC worksheets, you may also be interested in the ABC flash cards, the Alphabet Trains. or ABC connect the dots.

Also, try the little letters tracing worksheets or big letter coloring sheets