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Articles on Teaching ESL, EFL, and TEFL!





Articles on Teaching ESL and EFL.

The Archive

Teaching Relative Clauses Through Massive Comprehensible Input by Chris Gunn

This article contains a brief explanation of the importance of relative clauses as a word skill for second language learners. It also contains dozens of resources for teaching relative  clauses.



Teaching Definite and Indefinite Articles

by Chris Gunn

This article provides a summary of two important rules for using articles with nouns and one important exception. The article is an attempt to put order into an area of English usage that is seemingly chaotic. There are also six worksheets to review these basic rules.

Using Short Conversations to Create Survival Skill in Beginners and False Begninners

-by Yoda Schmidt

This sections a library of over 30 short three-line conversations that are full of useful chunks of language.  They are great for giving students some survival skills in an English setting.

Interesting ESL Group Activities

-by Joanne Elliot

Joanne Elliot outlines several activities for using groups to teach children. Activities include cultural charades, word association, and memory momentum.

Teaching Precision Using Riddles

-by Yoda Schmidt

This article shows how teachers can use riddles to teach middle school students to be precise. The article includes several downloadable riddles that can be used as fluency activities. 

Teaching Effective Communication Through Graded Reading Materials

-by Yoda Schmidt

This article shows how teachers can use mini-articles to teach effective communication. There are many materials available for download.

Teaching Noun Clauses -by Thomas Lavelle

What noun clauses are how noun clauses can be taught. Part I of a 3-part feature.

 List-Group-Label -by Thomas Lavelle

Getting students organized so to help them with their fluency.

 Adding "Stress" to Your Students Oral Proficiency -  by Thomas Lavelle

This lesson uses roleplays to teach how stress can alter the meaning of a sentence.

How Can I Teach Relative Clauses in Reading and Writing?- by Thomas Lavelle

Continuing from April 2002, Thomas discussing 3 lesser-known aspects of American culture to highlight relative clauses inreading and writing.

How can I teach relative clauses? - by Thomas Lavelle

Relative clauses are essential in English and difficult to master.  This article contains some good suggestions for teaching them.

What are Lexical phrases? - by Thomas Lavelle

Statistical studies of language show that we speak and write in pre-fabricated chunks of language called lexical phrases. This article gives a brief description of lexical phrases and how to teach them.



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