Glossary of ESL terms


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Flashcards Galleries

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The Pirate Cards

Adjectives and numbers.


     One pirate.

     A red pirate.

     Pirates with hats.

     A happy pirate.



The Monkey Cards

Verbs and objects.


      A monkey eating a banana.

      A monkey fishing.

      A monkey riding a horse.

      Monkeys playing chess.









The Gorilla Cards

Verbs, Phrasal Verbs, and Objects


     A gorilla arguing with a gorilla.

     A gorilla hiding in the grass.

     A gorilla looking for ants.



The ABC Cards


Ii: An ice cream.

Kk: A Kite.

Tt: A telephone.


ABC flashcards








The Animal Habitat Cards

Animals, Habitats, and Prepositions


     A squid in the sea.

     A tiger in the jungle.

     A camel in the desert.




The Bear Cards

Verbs and Objects


     A bear taking the bus.

     A bear watching TV.

     A bear playing baseball.

     Bears drinking tea.









The Creature Cards

Verbs, Phrasal Verbs, and Objects


  A creature getting rid of old clothes.

  A creature worrying about his test.

  A creature complaining about his soup.




The Seasons

Seasons and Day Vocabulary


     A man taking a nap in the afternoon.

Children making a sandcastle in summer.




Flashcards for teaching about seasons and days.








Aliens and Ghosts



An alien over the fridge.

An alien on the stove.



The Little Monster Cards

Verbs and Objects


     A little monster kicking a soccer ball.

     A little monster spilling some milk.










Places Flashcards

Verbs, Places, and People


     Standing in line

at the theater.


Taking a break

at work.




Sample preposition of place flashcard.


Forest Animals

Teach animals, articles and conjunctions


A deer and a raccoon.

A bear and a squirrel.

An owl an a rabbit.


 Animal Flashcards