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Chris Gunn





I've worked in the TEFL industry for over a decade now. Most of my time has been spent teaching in South Korea at Sangji University or Incheon University. When I started teaching, there wasn't much out there in the way of lesson plans and teaching resources, which was part of the impetus to create Lanternfish.  Lanternfish began as an underground art studio (under the name Boggle's World) where a few colleagues and myself spent all of our free time making clay animation characters --Boggle on the front page was one of them. You can see a sample of the work from this period in the Pirate Flashcards. Unfortunately, we didn't have the funds to make the first Boggle's World work. After the break up of the studio, I moved Boggle's World online. The name has since been changed to its current name Lanternfish..

Since then, I have been making lesson plans and worksheets and posting them online. Now, I am currently engaged in coordinating summer programs in Canada, having recently moved back from Korea.

I am interested in English for Specific Purposes. I finished a Masters of International Studies at Yonsei University. My dream is to take my notes and make an ESL/EFL textbook for international law, economics, and politics students. In the mean time, I will keep plugging away at the lesson plans that I create for Lanternfish.

I hope you find these resources valuable for your teaching endeavours.





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