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City Worksheets

Together these worksheets make a good intermediate level unit on city vocabulary.


City Crosswords

The class can review the places in a city as well as other city vocabulary with these crosswords.



City Crossword 1 City Crossword 2




City Wordsearch

Wordsearches with over 30 vocabulary items related to the city.




City Word Search




City Super Quiz Game

A quiz games in which teams identify buildings in a city.




City Super Quiz Game





Skyscraper Word Jumble

How many words can the students make out of 'Skyscraper'.






City and Country

Students classify vocabulary items according to where they belong.


City and Country




Places in a City Bingo

A bingo game card generator for 28 common places in a city.


City Places Bingo





City Vocabulary Videos

Two video vocabulary presentations for describing a city.


City Places Video      Describing a City Video




City and Country Comparison:

The students compare the good points and bad points of living in the city or living in the country.

City verses Country Comparison



Places in a City: Writing with Relative Clauses

This worksheet is meant for young learners. Kids practise writing the names of four easy bugs.


Places in a City




City Brainstorm

Think of as many words that relate to the city as you can and try to connect them all.


City Brainstorm









Young Learners Places in a City

A collection of worksheets and flashcards aimed at younger learners.


City Young Learners





City Flashcards

A collection of flashcards for city vocabulary.



City Flashcards





All resources written by Chris Gunn.