Glossary of ESL terms


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  Teaching tips for ESL!


Title: Alphabet Dance

-Sent in by Jeff Mclennan from Incheon, Korea


First I take all the cards and put velcro strips on the them. Then I select 10 or so cards and placed them onto the velcro board, I then review each card....Now the game...
I instruct each child to close their eyes, when they have all closed their eyes I remove one of the cards ( I usually have one or two students who like to peek so I try to do this quickly) I then say "Open your eyes"...I then ask the students to raise their hands to tell me which card is missing, they must answer in the form of a sentence,("The banana card is missing"...) and if they do they get to remove the next card. Basically they get to be the teacher. It's important to play this one until every student had the opportunity to be the teacher, otherwise you will have some disgruntled five year olds. My kindergarten students love playing this game. I've actually tried it with elementary students too, with more difficult cards, it seems a bit silly to them at first but once they get going they seem to really enjoy it.