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Finding an Apartment? AN ESL Role-play by Chris Gunn





Finding an Apartment Activity Sheets


Apartments for Rent Role Cards



Finding an Apartment Role-play



Purpose and Audience:

The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice talking housing and practise finding an apartment.


Target Language:

           Describing apartments and neighborhoods.

           Explaining the reason for calling: I'm calling about . . .

           Talking about distances: It' takes about 10 minutes by bus.


Class Set-up:

Each student will alternate between the two roles of apartment seeker and apartment owner. As such, each student will need both a Finding an Aparmtent Activity Sheet and an Apartment for Rent Role Card.


Divide the class chairs into two lines facing each other (or if you like, have an inner circle and outer circle). One line is for apartment owners and the other line is for apartment seekers.The apartment seekers will sit down in front of the apartment owners and inquire about the apartment for rent. After they are finished asking questions, the apartment seeker changes roles by sitting in the apartment owners seat. The apartment owner now becomes an apartment seeker and finds a new apartment to inquire about (changes partners by finding an empty apartment seeker chair). In this way, all of thew students are constantly moving in and out of the roles of apartment seeker and apartment owner.


There is also a similar role-play where students have to find compatible roommates.




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