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Food Chain and Food Web Worksheets


These worksheets can be used to review concepts related to food chains or food webs.


Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore and More

This worksheet demonstrates how some English words have Latin roots and how knowing those Latin roots can help decode the English meaning of the words. Students have to define herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, and insectivore.


Latin Roots and Feeding Strategies Among Animals



Animal Feeding Strategies: Definitions and Relative Clauses

Students use relative clauses to define the kinds of animals there are based on the methods of acquiring food. Vocabulary taught is predator, scavenger, parasite, ominovre, carnivore, herbivore, and filter feeder.


Animal Feeding Strategies



Food Chain and Food Web Crossword

Students solve clues related to food chains and food webs.


Food Chain and Web Crossword



Food Web Cloze

Students fill in the blanks with vocabulary related to food webs.


Food Web Cloze


Food Chain/Food Web Wordsearch

Students find 24 vocabulary items related to food chains and food webs.


Food Chains and Webs Wordsearch




Food Chain Flashcards

Animal flashcards demonstrating the relationships in the food chain such as herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, insectivore, predator and scavenger.


Food Chain Flashcards



Classifying Animals by Food Acquisition

Students sort animals into categories of forager, grazer, scavenger, predator, parasite, and filter feeder.


Sorting Animals by Feeding Habits




Food Chains and Webs for Young Learners

A collection of reading selections and activities aimed at young learners.


Food Webs for Young Leanrers




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