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 Guide to Dragons


The Guide to Dragons

Teaches determiners such as most, many, both, neither, few, and all.  Teaches animal vocabulary such as herbivore, carnivore, claws, scales, and horns. Teaches relative scale adjectives such as extremely, very, quite, and somewhat. The worksheets are listed in the order that they should be introduced, though there is some flexibility.


Introduces the language points for th unit. This handout is optional.


Dragon Facts

Reading selection.

Dragon Facts

 Reading Comprehension

Comprehension questions based on the Dragon Facts reading selection.

Reading Comprehension

 A Pattern Practice

Pattern Practice: Most, Some, All, and None

 More Pattern Practice: Comparing Dragons

Pattern Practice: Both, One, and Neither

 Pair Activity: Dragon Information Gap

Dragon Information Gap

 More Reading Comprehension: Two Nasty Dragons

Two Nasty Dragons

 Review Dragon Word Search

Dragon Word Search

 Review Dragon Crossword

Dragon Crossword


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