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Holiday Worksheets!






Holiday Worksheets



Crosswords, Wordsearches, Word Scrambles, and Actvities:


 Christmas Worksheets


New Years Worksheets:

Resolutions, Word Scrambles, and Actvities:

New Years Worksheets



Crosswords, Wordsearches, Information Gaps, Monsters, Creative Writing, Pumpkin Riddle:


  Halloween Worksheets

 Thanksgiving Worksheets:

Two word scrambles:


  Thanksgiving Worksheets


Valentine's Day Worksheets:


Word Scramble, Crossword, Word Search, Monster Valentine's Day Cards Activity.


Valentine's Day Worksheets


Easter Worksheets:

Word Scramble, writing worksheet, and an information gap.


Easter Worksheets

April Fool's Day Worksheets:

So far just a word scramble.


April Fool's Day Worksheets


Earth Day Worksheets:

A word scramble.


Earth Day Worksheets

Arbor Day Worksheets:

A word scramble.


Arbor Day Worksheets


Veterans Day/Remembrance Day Worksheets:

Crossword and Poem.


Veterans Day Worksheets


St. Patrick's Day Worksheets:

A word scramble and creative writing.


St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

Hanukkah Worksheets:

A word search and a cloze activity.


Hanukkah Worksheets

National Holiday Worksheets:

A word scramble and creative writing.


National Holiday Worksheets


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