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Class Reunion: A TEFL Activity for Greetings for Old Friends and the Past Tense.





Class Reunion: Greetings for

Old Friends and Catching Up

 by Steve Gordon



Class Reunion: Student Cards, Worksheet, and Nametags

Tape to attach nametags.

Cut out the individual student cards before class.

Class Reunion was originally made to supplement the English Upgrade series book three, chapter 1. However, this activity can easily stand alone. It is primarily intended for low intermediate students. The target language functions are greeting people that you haven't seen in a long time and catching up on what's new in their lives.

This activity has two phases. First, students will greet somebody that they haven't seen in a long time. And second, they will try to find out what's new with them:

Phase 1:

A: Hi, _______________. Long time no see.

                                      It's been ages

B: Hi, _______________. I haven't seen you in ages.

                                     It's good to see you.


Phase 2:

A: What's new with you?

     Are you still living in L.A.?

B: No. Now, I live in Las Vegas.

A: Are you still working as a bouncer?

B: No. Now, I'm a security guard.

A: Are you still interested in boxing?

B: No. Now, I mostly swim.


At the beginning of the class, the teacher should handout the student cards and corresponding nametags. The student who gets a Pamela card should also get a Pamela nametag. If your class has more than 9 students then make more than one set of student cards and nametags so that there will be more than one Pamela. Finally, every student should get a copy of the class reunion activity sheet.


Then, the teacher should go over the target language briefly on the board and give some examples. Next, the teacher should try a sample conversation with one or two students. Finally, the class stands up and walks around greeting old friends and finding out what's new in their lives.


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