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ESL Opposites and Antonyms Games and Worksheets






Here is our collection of worksheets and activities for teaching the phrase 'is the opposite of.' Opposites, like rhymes, are a good way to teach vocabulary and have some fun with English. These activities are especially recommended for elementary school kids. Great for both K7 and ESL students.

Opposite Adjectives and Verbs Worksheets And Activities:

A collection of worksheets and activities with a narrow focus of either opposite adjectives or opposite verbs.

Opposite Adjective Worksheets            Opposite Verbs Worksheets


Opposites Worksheets:

Four simple worksheets about opposites. Make sure the students write out sentences in full and capitalize the beginnings and add periods at the end.

Opposites      Double Opposites     More Opposites    Difficult Opposites


Opposites Crosswords:

A crosswords with an emphasis on opposites. The ultimate opposite crossword has over 80 opposite clues!

Easy Opposites Crossword   Opposites Crossword    Opposite Directions

The Ultimate Opposite Crossword

Easy Opposites Word Searches:

Two simple word searches where students match opposites and then find them in a grid.

Opposites Word Search I         Opposites Word Search II



Opposites Gameboard:

This gameboard is good for a number of simple opposites.

Opposite Gameboard


Opposites, Rhymes, and Begins With Gameboard:

This gameboard is good for practising rhymes with, begins with, and is the opposite of.

                                  Opposite and Rhyme Gameboard

Opposites for Young Learners:

A collection of worksheets and activities aimed at young learners.


Opposites for Young Learners

Opposite Card Game:

A card game that can be used to teach antonyms.


Opposite Card Games

Large Opposite Flash Cards:

A collection of large flashcards that can be used to teach common antonyms.


Large Opposite/Antonym Flash Cards

Opposite Concentration Game:

Print out the cards and paste them onto a hard cardboard backing. Cut out the cards. To play the game you simply spread the cards face-down onto the table.

One student flips over a card. Once they flip over a card, they have to say what the opposite is. Then they flip over another card and if they find the opposite, they take both cards and get one point.


Student flips over the card 'attack'.

Student says, 'Defend is the opposite of attack.'

Student flips over another card. If the second card is 'defend', then the student gets one point. If the other card is something different, then the student turns the cards over again.

                 Card Sheet 1                        Card Sheet 2

                 Card Sheet 3                        Card Sheet 4

                 Card Sheet 5                        Card Sheet 6

                 Card Sheet 7                        Card Sheet 8

Conversation Idea:

Most of the opposites in this section are pretty clear: Up is the opposite of down and north is the opposite of south. But how about more ambiguous opposites. What is the opposite of red? What is the opposite of grass? What is the opposite of invent?

Who cares what the answer is so long as it generates conversation and thinking. Make a list of ambiguous opposites and have students come up with the opposites and reasons why the students think they are opposites.


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