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Rhyme Worksheets


These worksheets teach students how to recognize rhyming words.


Rhyming Riddles:

Students use rhymes to solves these collections of sentence length riddles.


  Easy rhymes               Space rhymes

     Animal Rhymes            AutumnRhymes

         Winter Rhymes            Christmas Rhymes

                                            Halloween Rhymes




Rhyming Cloze Worksheets:

Students match 12 rhyming words.

Rhyme 1 (Short vowel/bossy e)

Rhyme 2 (All mixed)



Rhyming Riddles Worksheets:

Rhyming riddles are word game worksheets where students find word that fit a clue and rhyme with a base word. Great vocabulary review. Over 15 new worksheets in this section.

Rhyming Riddles



Phonics Based Rhyming Worksheets:

Students write rhyming sentences.

Young Learners' Rhymes




Other worksheets that introduce literary devices to students at an elementary level:


Opposites | Alliteration | Metaphors | Similes | Exaggerations