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Glossary of ESL terms


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  Scottforesman ESL Resources

These resources are meant to be used with the Scottforesman ESL series.  Lanternfish is in no way affiliated with this series, but merely provides free resources that can be used along side the series. Currently there are only resources for books 2, 4, and 5.

Book 2

Chapters 1-3

Places Crossword                     When I am . . .

Need or Want                             Sometimes I Wish . . .

As tall as a giraffe                     Animal Quiz

What we need                            Describing Animals

Animals Crossword                  Workers Crossword

I go there to . . .                         Animal type

Chapters 4-6

Animals Protect Themselves

Animals Working

Chapter 4 Crossword

Body Health Crossword

Push and Pull

Chapters 7-9



Plants and Grains Crossword

Book 4

Chapters 1-3

Settlers Crossword                      Settlers

West Quiz                                      Life in the West Crossword

Earning                                          Mars Settlement Creative Writing

Living Things Crossword

Made From

Chapter 4-6

Ecosystem Crossword

You Use it to . . .

American Indian Crossword

Aztec Crossword

Chapter 7-9

Balanced Diet                                 Rain Forest Crossword

YouAre What You Eat

Digestion Crossword

Book 5

Columbus Crossword