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Autumn Leaf Word Samples


Autumn Word Leaves


These leaves are meant to be cut out and colored by students. The leaves willhelp create a literary rich environment at school or in the classroom. Below is a list of some of the ways that they can be used.

Autumn Leaf Words Template:

This is a blank template that teachers can use to make their own leaf word list. There are six assorted leaf shapes. Just click on the text to edit it.

Word Leaves Blank Template   

Autumn Vocabulary Word Leaves:

These leaves contain an assortment of vocabulary related to autumn. The words are autumn, fall, leaf, red, brown, orange, yellow, apple, corn, pumpkin, harvest and scarecrow.

 Autumn Vocabulary Word Leaves 1       Autumn Vocabulary Word Leaves 2

Autumn Colors Vocabulary:

These leaves can be used to teach the four colors red, yellow, brown, and orange. Kids color the leaves according to the color that is written on them. I recommend using both templates for variety.

Autumn Colors Word Leaves 1               Autumn Colors Word Leaves 2

Dolch Grade One Word Leaves:

The Dolch grade one word list placed on the autumn word leaves:

Dolch Grade 1 Word Leaves

Dolch Grade Two Word Leaves:

The Dolch grade two word list placed on the autumn word leaves:

Dolch Grade 2 Word Leaves