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 Lanternfish ESL Word Searches:


Vocabulary review that's good to fill that last five minutes of class when the children are starting to get restless. Good for both ESL and K7. Get kids using a dictionary to look up words they don't know and teach them independence in learning.


Easy Word Searches:

The worksheets below are intended for elementary school ESL learners who are just starting out.

Farm Animals                 Farm Animals/Match    Jungle Animals               

Sea Animals                     Forest Animals         Jungle AnimalsII    

Sea Animals/Match      Forest Animals/Match     Weather                

Colors                               Verbs                                 House                          

Beach                                School                                Picnic

Fruit                                   Clothes                              Fish

Five Senses                     Transportation                  Face

Body                                  Numbers 1-10                  Opposites

Feelings                            Irregular Past Verbs         Phonics Word Searches

School Supplies                  Kinds of Birds                  Birds

Job Word Search 1          Job Word Search 2             Months of the Year   

Landforms                          Fruits (new)                       Fruit II   (new)

Vegetables (new)                Vegetables II (new)        Dinner

Desserts and Snacks           Pets                                   Toys

Toys II                                 Materials                         Health and Sickness

Forest Animals                  The Planets            Christmas

Christmas II                       Christmas III                   Winter Clothes

Winter Words                      Thanksgiving                   The Sky

On a Farm

Intermediate to Difficult Wordsearches:

These worksheets are meant for upper elementary to adult.

Birds                                          Mammals                                  Insects

Reptiles                                     Vegetables                               Fruit

Grain                                          Summer                                    Times of the Year

City   (Old)                                 Clothes    (Old)                          Weather

Animal Search                          Autumn Words                         Castle Search

Farm Search                             Outer Space Search               Sea Search

Verb Search                             Winter Words Search              Crime

 Animal Habitats                       Tree Words                              Kitchen

City (New)                                 Continents/Oceans                  Food Chain

Camping                                   Clothes Hard (New)                 Clothes Adjectives

Shopping                                   Fish (medium)                          Fish (hard)

Five Senses                              Knights and Castles                Parts of the Body

The Country                               Numbers 0-19                          Numbers by Ten

Musical Instruments                  Opposites                                 Transportation

Feelings                                     Feelings (hard)                         Health

Family                                        Fantasy/Fairytales                    Water Cycle

Job Word Search (Med)     Job Word Search (Hard 1)    Job Word Search (Hard 2)

 Also, there is a collection of French Word Searches on Lanternfish ESL