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I Need a Ticket to Osaka, Japan

Language for Booking Tickets by Chris Gunn





Traveler Activity Sheet


Ticketing Agent Activity Sheet


Traveler Role Cards


Ticketing Agent Schedules and Fares






Purpose and Audience:


This role-play is intended for false beginners who are working in the tourist industry or need some survival travel English skills. It could also be used for business classes where the students are expected to travel frequently. The role-play includes the language for talking about airline tickets, fares, and schedules. The role-play also presents an opportunity to go over numbers in the hundreds and thousands and talking about preferences: I'd like . . . I'd prefer . . .





As one possible warm-up, I prepare a few notes with the following instructions:


        Your teacher is a travel agent. You want to buy a ticket to Paris, France. Buy your ticket from your teacher.


After the student has had a chance to digest the note, approach them and ask the following so that the whole class can see and hear: Welcome to Chris's Travel (use your own name). How may I help you? Hopefully, the student will ask you for a ticket to Paris. When the student does, go through the following list of questions stopping to explain any vocabulary items that the student doesn't understand:


        Are you traveling alone?

        Will this be one way or return?

        When would you like to depart?

        When would you like to return?

        Do you mind a stopover? Or would you prefer direct?

        Would you prefer economy, business, or first class?


After you have done this a few times, the students are usually familiar with the vocabulary in the role-play. Now, I begin the role-play.




Class Set-up for Role-play:


The students are divided into travelers and airline-ticketing agents. The travelers are given an activity sheet and a role card. The airline ticketing agents are given an activity sheet and the schedule and fares for their particular airline.


Class Activity:


Travelers go from airline to airline and inquire about airplane tickets. They write the information down that the ticketing agents give them. They use this information to decide which ticket and which airline best suits their role.



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