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Big Letters Alphabet Tracing Sheets


These capital letters tracing sheets can be used to help young children recognize and practise writing the capital letters of the English alphabet. First, children trace the letters and then they they circle the letters. Resources by Chris Gunn.




Big A: A is for Ant.

Big B: B is for Ball, Backpack.

Big C: C is for Cow.

Big D: D is for Duck.

Big E: E is for Egg.

Big F: F is for Farmer.

Big G: G is for Goat.

Big H: H is for Hippo.

Big I: I is for Island.

Big J: J is for Juice.

Big K: K is for Key.

Big L: L is for Leaf.

Big M: M is for Mountain.


Big N: N is for Numbers.

Big O: O is for Ostrich.

Big P: P is for Panda.

Big Q: Q is for Question.

Big R: R is for Robin.

Big S: S is for Snake.

Big T: T is for Turtle.

Big U: U is for Unicorn.

Big V: V is for Volcano.

Big W: W is for Wolf.

Big X: X is for foX.

Big Y: Y is for Yogurt.

Big Z: Z is for Zipper.


If you find these teaching resources useful, you might also find the following resources useful:

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